June 4, 2009

My last blog

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Ubelievable how fast time is passing by – the trimester is almost over and now it’s time for exam preparation and to finish up my last essay…

I really enjoyed the course about rituals and it opened my eyes for realising that you can find them in many (even everyday life) situations and in every society which is really interesting, especially, if you look behind the visible structure of rituals and try to analyse them in more depth.

Unfortunately, I didn’t keep up with my blog very well but still, I think, the idea of having the blogs was really good. And Mary’s blog as well as some of the other ones helped me quite a lot, especially, for the recap and to find additional information.

Okay, I will go on with my test preparation and my assignement for another course.

Good luck with the exam tomorrow!!!



May 29, 2009

State/ Nation Wedding

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…it was really interesting what we learnt  in class during the last sessions about weddings and funerals regarding their private and public performance. And since we were watching part of Sir Ed Hillary’s (state/ nation) funeral today and talked about it: e.g. the order, public symbols, national identity and the media performance, it reminded me of another state/ nation ritual: Prince Charles’ and Camilla Parker Bowles’ wedding on 9 April 2005:



Unfortunately, I could not find a more detailed video on youtube about the actual ceremony but, I think, you can still get a feeling for the characteristics of such a ritual. The well organised drive to the church, the people watching them and waving with their national flags and, therefore, identifying with them and their nation and the special guests who were invited to the ceremony. And all of it is recorded by the media which cements the performance and show it in a nicely prepared way.

April 8, 2009

Happy Easter

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Unfortunately, there will be no new posts on this blog during the next three weeks because I am going on holidays to explore NZ’s South Island and not to forget Stewart Island – I am so excited – hooray!!!

I wish you all a happy easter and enjoyable holidays.

April 7, 2009

Political Rituals

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… finally, the internet is back and reason enough to write a new comment.

It is interesting in which ways parades are used to propagate a certain message or certain emotions among people.

By looking at public rituals like the Palio or the Carnival as we did earlier in the course, it seems to me that  it is more about enjoying onself together with others and forgetting about the trouble in every day life.
Whereas, political rituals seem to be more about reinforcing power (e.g. Barack Obama’s swearing in ceremony in the USA) or remembering history (e.g. Anzac Day in New Zealand and Australia) and, therefore, celebrating others. Parades for presenting a political ritual appear to be more structured, for example  in terms of people who are walking in the parade do not jump out of their position compared to people who are walking in the carnival parade who run and jump around. Moreover, the parade is used as a symbol of showing respect and honour.


Anzac Day in Sydney in 2008


March 26, 2009

Carnival in Germany

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Hi there,

I have to say, even though, the video of the carnival in Germany (unfortunately, I didn’t understand the town) on Tuesday was quite interesting, I couldn’t really relate to it. I have never heard or seen any of this particular performance in Germany.
Moreover, it seemed to me that it was shot 20-30 years ago. I am wondering if they are still doing it in this way??? 

Anyway, I tried to find some videos on youtube which, hopefully, represent the carnival in Germany more ‘accurate’. One video is of the carnival in Köln (Cologne) and one of the carnival in Mainz which are both quite famous in Germany and also shown on TV during our fifth season.


Cologne (2008):


Mainz (2009):


Looking forward to tomorrow’s discussion…

March 19, 2009

My first time in the field…

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Okay, normally I thought airports are quite busy and, therefore, it should be interesting as well. But as I went to the airport on Monday I had to realise that this is not always the case. At the time as I arrived, unfortunately, there weren’t any security check-ins at the gates where I wanted to do my observation. Therefore, I decided to watch people’s behaviour at the new self check-ins for domestic flights from Air New Zealand: “These new terminals will be self service in style, with easy to use check-in kiosks, a new bag drop area to place your own bags, and new scanners for self-boarding at the gate. And if you don’t have any bags to check-in, you’ll be able to go straight to the gate, scan your boarding pass and board your flight.”
But the problem is, I am not quite sure if this can actually be seen as a ‘ritual’. Therefore, I am really stuck with my observation because I am not quite sure how to interpret the things I see. I’d like to say how people seem to anticipate this new technology, how often do people need assistance, how do they log in to the system (with their cell phone, print, card, …), pay people attention to their luggage while they try to check-in, … I probably have to narrow this a little bit. But I still feel kind of lost. I should probably do the first writing and than go back to have a closer look at the things which are the most interesting or still kind of confusing to me.

March 12, 2009

Leaving on a (jet) plane…

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Since we have to write a report about a ritual in the modern society for our first assignment I was thinking about rituals at the airport: check in, security check, saying goodbye, welcoming people … For me it is just a really fascinating place!

Nowadays, the airport is an interesting place because travelling by plane is a common and often used form of transportation from one place to another. Moreover, I think that at the airport a lot of people independently from their cultural background share similar experience. Big goodbyes when someone is leaving for a long time to another country, security checks which sometimes question the sphere of personal privacy, waiting at the baggage claim and hopefully, receiving all of it after the flight … 😉

Since I arrived in Wellington four months ago to study at Victoria University I also tried to travel as much as I could, mainly from Wellington International Airport to wherever my holiday destination within New Zealand was waiting for me. Therefore, I was thinking about rituals at the airport and I remembered that if you depart from the domestic gates you actually have the possibility to watch or probably in our case to observe people going through the security check. But I did not really know where to start, at least since our lecture on Tuesday. Wheras, Mary explained her tunnel metaphor according to Arnold van Gennep’s “rites of passage” with its tripartite structure. Now, I think, I might at least have a starting point for my report. Even though, I do not know where it will take me from here and what exactly I am going to look for. But, I hope, I will find out as soon as I start going in the field…

My first blog

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The ANTH213 course is the first course I am taking in this area to have the opportunity for new insights since I am usually studying sociology. Therefore, I was even more surprised as I heard that one of our assignments is to create a blog. I think, the World Wide Web is a great invention but still, I try not to spend too much time online. Now, that I am kind of forced to, it will be quite a challenge for me to use our communication and information system of modern society more often …

March 5, 2009

Hello world!

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